Vikings vs 49ers NFC playoff 2020: Who has the best defense in the league?

The San Francisco 49ers will host the Minnesota Vikings in an NFC playoff split round matchup at Levi’s Stadium on Saturday and the matchup is officially set for kickoff at 3:35 pm. ET. The Vikings break the Saints and Drew Brees super bowl overtime in the wildcard round of the 2020 NFL postseason, and NFC West Champion Niners made a goodbye in the first round.

The Vikings and the 49ers both are with 48 sacks during the NFL regular season and these two in the Top 8 for scoring defense. Kirk Cousins ​​of Vikings and Jimmy Garopolo of 49ers are likely to face pressure, with fifth place defense in the league with 48 sacks.

The Minnesota Vikings clinched the NFC divisional round bye with a 26-20 win in of 2020 in the overtime of wild card round behind the 49ers made the first-round bye in the NFL season’s finale against the Seahawks.

What time do the Vikings vs 49ers game start?

The NFC divisional round between San Francisco 49ers vs Minnesota Vikings football game officials will be kicked off on Saturday at 3:35 pm. ET at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, San Francisco Bay Area, California.

What TV channel will be Televised the game?

You can watch Vikings vs 49ers live stream on NBC TV channel on Saturday at 2:35 pm. ET.

How the Viking Relied on Saints

The Saints have averaged 40 points, they averaged 40 points for each of their last four games. The Vikings defense had overcome a slow start, they played well with stretching and put the New Orleans offenses in victory and scoring position. This is very bad luck for the Saints, especially when they lose someone like Marshon Lattimore during overtime. But all credit goes to the Viking and they took advantage of it immediately.

Despite the Vikings finishing their regular season 10-6, Mike Zimmer’s head coach group presented a balanced challenge to Shanahan and the company. The Viking has a strong line of defense Pass Rush Eversong Liffen and Daniel Hunter combined 22.5 bags during the regular season.

Prediction: Defense vs Defense

The Vikings have bad records here in Levi’s Stadium but their defense did a great role over the Saints. Minnesota’s defense is now strong enough to beat the Niners at their home behind the home field advantage bet their defense is stronger than the Vikings as well.

49ers 31 Vikings 17

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