How to watch NFL Live Stream free online

nfl live stream

You have come to the right place if you want to know how to watch NFL live stream free online. In case you don’t know, NFL stands for National Football League and it is the highest-ranked professional gridiron football organization in the world. The NFL has 32 professional teams that compete each week starting in September and ending in December. The teams that win their division enter the playoffs in January. The last 2 remaining teams that win out in their conference go to the Super Bowl in February.

Each week there are a total of 16 games played. Most games are shown on TV in the region that a home team represents. For example, the Detroit Lions NFL games are often shown on local stations in and around the Detroit area. The same is true for the Seattle Seahawks or the Houston Texans. Each team is normally covered by the media in their area during game day.

When a team is on the road, their games are also shown in their home area. For example, if the Minnesota Vikings played the Jacksonville Jaguars in an away game; that competition would be televised in Minnesota for fans to see. Local stations would often (but not all the time) show away games for a team’s coverage area because of the fans viewing the match. The game would garner good ratings and could draw in a lot of money from sponsors.

There are many options for watching NFL games. This is especially true for people that live outside of their favorite team’s coverage area. The following outlets listed below will explain how you can view NFL games on their networks, streaming services, or channels.

NFL Live Stream

NFL Live Stream isn’t just a single platform for streaming games online. Multiple outlets provide NFL games for people to view on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. There are apps, networks, and streaming services that allow games to be watched from smartphones and tablets. Many of these streaming outlets are free. However, some do cost money to use. Here are some useful NFL streaming sites that will allow you to watch games each week.

NFL Mobile App is offered by the NFL and users can download it to their smartphone or tablet to watch games. This app showcases games that are available in their viewing area. They can also air games that are on major networks. The NFL Mobile App gives users access to games from different parts of the country that they probably wouldn’t see on regular television.

NFL Webcast

The NFL Webcast service provides live streaming for fans. This service works by linking users to other NFL streaming platforms such as Fox Sports or CBS Sports. The Webcast is free and users are not required to become members of the service just to view games.

Watch Stream NFL Games on Reddit

Most people wouldn’t think of Reddit as a place to watch NFL games. Reddit is a social network for news, information, and people’s opinions. Most people wouldn’t think of Reddit as a place to watch NFL games. Nevertheless, football fans can find valid places on Reddit to watch NFL games. One of the best links on the site for doing this is r/nflstreams. Users can click on the link to the NFL sites and watch the games. Some of the links will require fans to pay and other services are free.

This is a free streaming service for people who live in certain parts of the country. services only 13 major cities in the U.S. If a person is able to sign up on this platform, they will be able to stream games from local broadcast channels in their area. This streaming platform is free but they do ask people for donations to continue that benefit.

US Mobile Streaming (NFL app and Verizon’s Yahoo Sports, Tumblr, and AOL apps)

US Mobile Streaming is a cellular plan for smartphones and tablets. This company provides customers who have multiple unlimited lines to have streaming perks. These streaming perks will give users the ability to access platforms to watch NFL games. They can use the NFL App, Verizon’s Yahoo Sports, Tumblr, and even AOL apps for this purpose. This plan costs money and users will need to have multiple lines to use the streaming service.

US Cable Network Streaming

Cable Network Streaming is a platform that allows viewers to watch NFL games from their online cable service. Cable streaming channels include providers such as Sling, YouTube TV, and Sling. Many cable streaming services offer national network channels such as Fox or NBC. These two networks often show NFL games on Sunday and during the week for Thursday Night football. Monday Night Football games are generally shown on networks in each competing team’s region.

NFL Sunday Ticket

This particular streaming service is available with online cable providers. Users can register with the site to figure out if NFL Sunday Ticket is available in their area. If the service is not available for use, they are given the option of signing up with Direct TV to use NFL Sunday Ticket. This streaming service shows out of game markets which means that viewers can watch any game they desire instead of the ones presented by their local networks.

CBS All Access and App

CBS All Access is a streaming service that offers movies, TV shows, special events, and sporting matches. They have a huge selection of programs for people to watch and they show NFL games for football fans. This service is available over the internet and users can watch it from their television or computer device. They even have an app that can be downloaded and used to watch CBS All Access from a tablet or smartphone.

Fox Sports and App

Fox Sports is available on the Fox network. Users will have to pay a fee to use the service from a cable provider. They will have to get the Fox Sports Go streaming service provider to watch this streaming platform. There is also an app that can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store. This will allow users to watch NFL games from their mobile units.

NBC Sports and App

NBC Sports also has a streaming service. This service is sometimes included in various internet service provider packages. Users can also access this service online and use it to watch NFL games. Users will have to pay a fee to access this platform. NBC Sports also provides an application that gives busy game watchers the ability to view NFL matches while on the go.

ESPN and WatchESPN app

ESPN is a sports channel network that is commonly featured in many cable TV packages and line ups. ESPN is not a streaming service, but they do offer ESPN streaming services for interested sports fans. Users can stream ESPN through their internet streaming cable provider, or they can download the app and stream games that way. ESPN doesn’t always have live NFL games showing but they do provide enough football matches for sports fans who are interested.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is a streaming service that shows movies, TV shows, and special programming. Amazon Prime mainly showcases Thursday night football games for viewers. Users can also catch some Sunday games as well. Consumers have to sign up for Amazon Prime through the internet. After they sign up (and pay a fee) they will be able to watch games when they are scheduled for play on the platform. There is also an application that will give football spectators access to games as well.


AT&T TV Now was formally known as Direct TV Stream. AT&T brought out Direct TV and changed the name. This platform offers 75 – 125 channels for subscribers. The amount of channels that a customer has access to will depend on their package level. All packages provide users with local channels from major networks. Channels such as AFC, NBC, CBS, and FOX generally show football games throughout the week. Football fans can sign up for $69.99 a month for the cheapest service. The most expensive package is listed at $159.99 a month and it offers 150+ channels.

Hulu+ Live TV

Hulu is a streaming platform for televisions and computers. Users will need to have a smart TV or a streaming device to use the service on their sets. Hulu offers movies, TV shows, special programming, and sporting events. They don’t have channels. Instead, users will go to the section to choose the type of NFL games they want to view. The service is relatively expensive at $75.99 a month and subscribers can watch NFL games from their mobile devices.

Sling TV

Dish’s Sling TV is offered in 2 packages. Sling Orange package is for $40 and it’s called orange. There is also a Sling Blue package that is offered at $45. Both packages provide local network channels. Users can watch their favorite team every Sunday or throughout the week when they’re aired on one of these channels. Users can also add exclusive sports channels to provide them with more opportunities for watching games. Sling TV is available online and it can be used through streaming services for televisions.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a cable service that is offered by the site. This service can be accessed online or through a streaming device. Users can watch the major networks and have access to sporting channels through the service. They are given 100+ channels and will have to pay $72.99 a month. NFL games appear on the service and users can access these games while they are being played and some of them are saved on the service to be viewed by fans at a later time.


FuboTV is a cable provider that focuses on streaming sports games in 4K. This is a selling point for the company. This service is called Fubo Extra and it can be used with a standard package. A standard package is listed at $74.99 a month and you get 75 channels to go with it. Users are also featured in two simultaneous streams and at least 30 hours of cloud-based DVR. Other packages will allow users to get up to 150 channels, 1000 hours of cloud-based DVR, and 5 streams. fuboTV provides users with access to various football games on Sunday and throughout the week.

How can I stream NFL games internationally?

There are different ways to watch NFL games outside of the U.S. People who live overseas or on the sides of America’s borders (Canada, Mexico) can use an NFL GamePass and Kodi. First, a VPN is a virtual private network. To use this platform to watch NFL games you will have to:

Choose a suitable VPN

  • Download and install the right type of software that is designed for your operating system
  • Connect to a server in the appropriate location (where a game is being broadcast). Then you can load game content from a chosen platform to view the NFL action.
  • This is the basic way to use a VPN to watch games. You can find VPNs on the internet and one of the better VPNs is ExpressVPN.

NFL GamePass works by providing live streams of games and saved games onto their platform. Users can access this service to watch the games they want to see. Sometimes, users cannot watch games live and will have to watch a competition after it has been stored on the servers. NFL GamePass can also be used with a VPN.

Finally, Kodi is a free and open-source media player that is designed for TVs. It can be used to stream NFL games when a person includes add-ons. The addon includes platforms such as YouTube TV, Sling TV, or CBS All Access. Just remember that these platforms are not available in many places outside of the U.S. So, Kodi acts as a “middle-man” to bring these platforms to people overseas. Once users purchase an addon they can begin to watch NFL games as they are live-streamed. They can also watch games that have been saved the platform service they are registered with.

NFL Live Stream on CTV, TSN (Canada)

The NFL is shown in Canada on CTV and TSN. CTV is a channel and TSN is a radio station. Games that are shown or broadcast on these two media outlets are presented by Bell Media. This particular network has an exclusive broadcast partnership with the NFL in Canada. People who live in Canada can watch NFL games through this service.

Sky Sports NFL channel and SkyGo app

SkyGo is an online streaming service and it offers Sky Sports. This is a SkyGo service that exclusively showcases sporting events including the NFL. Users can also download the SkyGo app to access SkyGo Sports.

NFL Live Stream on Express VPN

Provides NFL Live Stream for users over a virtual private network. Once a user connects to this network, they will be able to use NFL GamePass or a cable service provider to access and view football games.

How to watch the NFL in Italy, France, Germany, Ireland (using a VPN)

If you live overseas and you enjoy watching NFL football you can use a VPN. This technology will allow a user to connect to a private network where they can have access to a server to receive games. People that live in markets such as Germany, Ireland, France will benefit greatly from a VPN to experience games. The main thing that a user must do is to use the best VPN service and software downloads for this process.

How to bypass NFL Game Pass using an ExpressVPN

Sometimes the NFL imposes blackouts for games to people who live outside of a team’s viewing area. If this happens a person with a VPN cannot see a game. However, if a person uses they can follow the steps below to view NFL games.

  • Set up by downloading the platform
  • Use ExpressVPN to connect to a server. You will also need to set up NFL GamePass with your VPN. After you have done this you will need to pick out a location that is not blacked out by the NFL. You will connect to that server.
  • Then you will go back to GamePass to see that the blackout restrictions removed.
  • You will have to get NFL GamePass in order to bypass the blackout restrictions with ExpressVPN.

How to watch on social media, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube

You can watch streamed and highlighted NFL games through social media sites, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. These social media platforms sometimes show live games, or they will broadcast them without a person being able to view the game action as it takes place. Twitter generally shows clips of games and plays. Rarely will a person be able to watch a full NFL game on this social media site. Facebook does the same thing as well. Reddit has links for people to view games, but that information was already covered.

YouTube sometimes shows live games through different media services that use the site to show their content. Sometimes, a YouTube viewer can watch a full game without just listening to the audio. YouTube also shows NFL game highlights which is a quick way to enjoy a game without sitting 3 to 4 hours through the experience. Football fans can also see highlights, interviews, and other information about the game through YouTube as well. Honestly, YouTube is the best free service for catching up on NFL games after they have been played.