What time, date, live stream TV channel for 2022 Super Bowl?

What is the Super Bowl?

Super bowl is a coveted championship game in the National Football League (NFL) that takes place annually in the United States. Super Bowl is America’s biggest sporting undertaking of each year. It starts towards the end of the summer season of a calendar year. The game is identified by Roman numbers as opposed to the calendar year in which the championship takes place. The contest among the qualifying teams in NFL plays all through the fall season until a winner emerges from two football divisions. The winning team is what is then declared the champion of the Super Bowl.

Before the Super Bowl games came to place, there was a huge disagreement between the two rival leagues at that time namely the American Football League and the NFL. Due to the disagreements, it was agreed that the teams that finish top in the two leagues would then face each other competing for the AFL-NFL World Championship. However, this system was only in place up until 1970 when it changed.

The Post-merger Agreements

After 1970, it was agreed that both the AFL and the NFL leagues would be predesignated to “conferences”. Up until today, very many games have been played against the two leagues to determine the champion of the NFL League. Looking at the statistics, the competition has been rather stiff because the NFC has won the championship 26 times while the AFC has won it remarkably 27 times.

Being a competitive championship, there are teams that have won the super bowl more than one time. On the other hand, there is also a list of several other teams that have never bagged the super bowl despite their traditional qualification for the NFL championship. There are twelve teams that have never won the super bowl include; the Vikings, the Titans, the Bengals, Bills, Jaguars, Texans, Browns, Panthers, Lions, Cardinals, Chargers, and Falcons.

Interestingly, there also thirteen teams that have won the Super Bowl more times than others. With six victories, Pittsburg Steelers and New England Patriots have crew more in the National Football League. Following Six wins, the Patriots have also recorded the most appearances out of which it has lost five times too. The San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys equally have won the super bowl five times.

What time does the Super bowl 2022 start?

Actually, Super Bowl game always kickoff at 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PST, I am not saying that it is according to latimes.com. Super bowl 2022 will begin on Sunday at LA Stadium at Hollywood Park, Los Angeles, California

What TV channel will televise Super Bowl 2022?

According to Wikipedia, the Super Bowl will be televising consecutively FOX, CBS, and NBC TV channels. CBS Sports will be airing the Super bowl game this year.

Who is playing in the 2022 Super Bowl?

Super bowl game 2022 of AFC champion vs NFC champion will be held on Sunday, February 6, 2022, LA Stadium at Hollywood Park, Los Angeles, California

When is the 2023 super bowl?

2023 Super Bowl will take place on Sunday, February 5, 2023, at State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona

Who won Super Bowl 54  in 2020?

The Kansas City Chiefs won the won Super Bowl 54 in 2020.

Super Bowl 2022
Teams: TBD vs TBD
Start time: 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PST
Date: Sunday, 6 February
Stadium: LA Stadium at Hollywood Park, Los Angeles, California
TV channel: CBS
Live stream: CBS Sports

What is the Origin of Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl began 40 years after it had been registered as NFL in 1920. The name Super Bowl is coined from a children’s toy, super ball, which was famous in America. Kansas City Chiefs owner called Lamar Hunt was in 1966 who inspired by the way children were amazed by the super ball bouncy. He then brought about the phrase Super Bowl to refer to both the ball that was used in the game as well as the championship itself thereafter. His son Lamar Hunt Jr was the owner of the toy (super ball) from which the name was coined.

Before Lamar Hunt’s crafting of the phrase, the championship was known as AFL-NFL World Championship Game. To many, that was a long and boring name to be used in reference to the American football event. He proposed the name during the 1966 championship in LA Memorial Coliseum, California.

Super Bowl I was first played in January 1967 as a professional tournament. The Memorial Coliseum accommodated a total of 61, 946 attendees with the CBS and the NBC airing commercials of the game. In this maiden game, there was a bewildering performance by “Al” Hirt who was curtain raised by marching bands of two universities, Michigan and the University of Arizona.

So far, there have been 54 Super Bowl games that have been played. The majority of these have however been played in Los Angeles, Miami, and New Orleans cities. Notably, the 2001 NFL championship has been regarded as the greatest. Baltimore Ravens of AFC played against NFC’s New York Giants. Florida was electrified by the performance of Ravens who beat the New York Giants 34 scores to only 7. The Ravens also hold history in the Super Bowl as the only teams that have multiple appearances without losing a game.

Television coverage and ratings

The Super Bowl enjoys media coverage including local and international television stations media attention advertisements. In four years, the CBS has gotten the rights to broadcast the 50th and the 53rd Super Bowl in 2019. Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC are the far-reaching broadcasters who are contracted by the NFL to keep the audience updated on every aspect of the matches including match analysis in real-time.

Apparently, a 30-second commercial cost $42,000 in Super Bowl (I) for TV promotions on NBC and CBS televisions. The commercials attracted a television viewership of 51.18 million viewers with CBS taking the lion’s share of an estimated 26.75 million, while NBC took the rest, 24.43 million estimated viewers. It is the only game in the history of the Super Bowl to ever have two major broadcasters airing the game simultaneously.

During the Super Bowl LII, the BBC covered and broadcasted the live matches using its BBC TV, BBC online, the BBC Sport among other channels owned by the British broadcaster. Also leading in the broadcast of the Super Bowl LII, the American-based NBC as well covered the entire championship for the 19th time. Through the NBS’s NBSports.com online platform, football enthusiast was allowed to stream the game live as well. The FOX TV, an American broadcast media house is set to televise the Super Bowl LIV in 2020.

The record for the most-watched Super Bowl championship game goes to the Super Bowl XLIX that had an estimated 114.4 million viewers. However, this came to no one’s surprise because ever since 2010, the Super Bowl fans started to increase significantly leading to more viewership.

TV ratings for the previous five years have been fluctuating and, in most cases, falling down one point. The CBS rated super bowl XLVII at 46.3, while Fox rated super Bowl XLVIII at 46.7 Super Bowl XLIX was rated 47.5 by NBC, while the Super Bowl L stood at 46.6 ratting by CBS. The February 5th, 2017 Super Bowl (LI) came even much lower to 45.3 by Fox, while NBC the 2018 one was rated 43.1.

With its ever-growing audience, the Super Bowl continues to rank well against other sports as far as viewership is concerned. In fact, the championship game is only second to soccer’s UEFA Champions League final that comes at the end of each Soccer calendar year.


Today, the day that the Super Bowl game takes place is considered an unofficial holiday by football lovers all over the country, the day goes by the nickname Super Bowl Sunday. Continued study shows that only the Thanks Giving day has more popularity than the Super Bowl Sunday in the country. In terms of telecasting, the Super Bowl comes out on top with an estimated over half the people in the country watching the game.

It is Super Bowl’s culture to have live entertainment performances by local and international superstars in what is called the halftime show. The fans are treated to world-class presentations by various artists who make the event even more remarkable. Apart from just entertaining the live audiences at the venue, the half time shows plays other roles such as crowing the pop culture, increasing interest in the game, as well as attracting viewership of the Super Bowl on television across continents.

Who Is Featuring at the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime

Super Bowl 2020 halftime show will Perform Jennifer Lopez and Shakira after 8 p.m. ET at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

The Super Bowl L competitions are remembered for its performances by Chris Martin, Beyoncé, Coldplay and Bruno Mars who wowed the audience by their songs. Super Bowl LII featured Justin Timberlake, a celebrated musician who has also released lots of single sensational songs and world-class albums over the years. In 2019, Maroon 5, as well as Adam Levine’s band, are some of the entertainers that are slated to perform at the Super Bowl LIII. The event is always televised by Cable TVs most broadcasting houses in the United States. Reports by Grammy award-winning Rihanna who had been selected to perform at Super Bowl LIII turned down the invitation for the halftime show.


The decision on the venues for the Super Bowl is normally done in advance before the championship. The NFL commissioners are tasked with announcing the location of the Super Bowl for the future super bowl tournaments. For instance, U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, the venue that hosted the Super Bowl LII in 2018 was announced by the commissioner, Rodger Goodwell four years ago. Part of the reason why the venues are selected and announced early is to enable adequate preparation of the stadia and also enable the organizers to plan for the super bowl championship in detail.

Previously in 2017, Houston, a sunny southern city hosted the Super Bowl LI. Santa Clara was the venue for the Super Bowl L while celebrating its historic half-century in 2016. On the other hand, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia will be lucky to host the Super Bowl LIII championship that begins on 3rd February 2019.

It is also during the Super Bowl L that the league organizers through the commissioners announced other venues. The 2020 games will be held in Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, South Florida while Los Angeles will be the definite venue for the 2021 NFL super bowl. The chance to host the super bowl fell Los Angeles after it emerged that Inglewood Stadium in Tampa, California, the would-have-been venue was would be affected by the weather condition. The rains by then would be heavy hence, affecting the super bowl in 2021. To date, L.A has hosted the Super Bowl seven times.

Selection processing order to qualify for the Super Bowl, teams get to play against one another, in what is called playoffs. Here, the team strives to win the pool which is divided into two divisions, which are commonly known as conferences. The two conferences include the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

The participating teams in the Super Bowl of the National Football League are currently made up of thirty-two teams. The American Football Conference presents sixteen teams in the same way the National Football Conference does, with another sixteen teams. Teams in each of these pools have to win the matches in their respective division/conference. On the other hand, the losers get an automatic ticket home from the playoffs. At times, a team may also qualify luckily for the Super Bowl as a wild card. Qualifying to play the Super Bowl in the NFL means that the team has entered the completion without having to participate in the playoffs neither in the AFC or the NFC divisions.

The Super Bowl registers a total of six teams from the two conferences which are pooled. The four winning teams then get to pay the conference championships. The winners form each conference’s play against one another to qualify for the semifinals where the two winners again get tickets to the NFL Super Bowl championship matchups.

Home team Designation

The Super Bowl home team is alternated between the AFC and the NFC teams. For the Super Bowl I, the home team was the Kansas City Chiefs who were sadly beaten by Green Bay Packers by 35-10 scores. Hunter’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs was representing the AFL while the Green bay Packer was the visiting team on behalf of the NFL. To date, 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams have ever played in their home region in their home stadium. In the history of the NFL also, only New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills have ever played against one another as teams from the same state of New York.

The Super Bowl Trademark

The phrase “SUPER BOWL” is a registered trademark. Thus, using it the trademark in marketing has limits. This means that it cannot be used in branding services or products that are not the Super Bowl game, at least without express authority from the National Football League. The phrase was trademarked in 1969 by the NFL which henceforth meant that the phrase Super Bowl is protected as one of the NFL’s trademarks.

This does not, however, imply that you are totally barred from saying “Super Bowl” because the NFL lacks all rights to control this phrase. The term is mentioned in Super Bowl’s advertisements that are sent out to advertisers and advertising agencies. For this case, therefore, the adverts run on the third-party channel for the purpose of sending out the Super Bowl message to the intended audience. It is understood that in so doing, the National Football League, therefore, permits the trademark to be used in the public in such cases. Super Bowl is a registered trademark, can nevertheless be used by any other individual, organization or entity whatsoever to market anything else other than the NFL and associated products. This would otherwise result in legal redress.

The Super Bowl Championship is a football game that features the best teams in both the AFC and the NFC leagues. The winning team goes home with the Vince Lombardi trophy not forgetting the bragging rights that the teams strive to achieve. The Super Bowl started in the 1960s when the AFC league came out and threatened to dislodge the NFC league from its commanding position. After some merger talks, it was agreed that the leaders in both leagues would play in the Super Bowl Championships. Today, this is one of the most-watched sporting events and it comes at a time when the regular season is over and the football calendar year is ending as well.

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