How Many Ways to Watch NFL Stream Live Online?

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ways to watch nfl stream online

In the United States, NFL games premiere on many broadcasters and are under multiple upcoming and confusing nicknames. The featured games are those that air on Thursday. Monday and Sunday nights are part of the extended Monday Night Football brand, which airs on TV through NBC, ESPN, Fox, and NFL Network. Sunday Afternoon’s early kick-offs are covered via Fox, and CBS, as highlighted before.

So, how many ways to watch NFL Live Stream Online? We’ve compiled a special article to help you out answer this question. Read on to find out more.

How to watch Sunday night football on NBC

Sunday Night Football is premiering exclusively on the NBC for the full regular season. So, if you happen to be part of the cable package, you can stream games directly via the NBC website.

NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV

For the full coverage of the complete 2020/21 regular NFL season without DirecTV, you will need to access NBC, ESPN, Fox, CBS, not leaving out The NFL Network. Out of the numerous live streaming options, most will offer almost all the channels highlighted above. But to the best of our knowledge, the only fuboTV provides all of them currently. Its pricing starts at $64.99 monthly, which is slightly cheaper compared to cable. Besides, they offer a 7-day free trial that users can maximize on, offer excellent user experience, and a quick payment system. Other streaming options include Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, etc.

NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV

Subscribers with DirecTV have let’s say the easiest way to access full live streaming of NFL football in the NFL Sunday Ticket. This service exclusively streams NFL matchups live on computers, iOS devices, game consoles, TVs, and even Android devices. The Sunday Ticket only allows for out-of-market games. Nonetheless, you can access the NFL Sunday Ticket as a sole service, but only if you reside in a place that does not receive the DirecTV service.

Sunday afternoon’s game with NFL RedZone

If you have the DirecTV subscription, NFL RedZone allows you to watch the NFL game’s highlights. This service airs all games live every Sunday, but only when a team is a crucial stage- about to possibly touchdown or score. Since it also gives immediate fantasy statistics and detailed game highlights, it is loved by many fantasy-football fans.

NFL RedZone is premiered from 1 pm ET and ends during late afternoon throughout the NFL season. You can enjoy RedZone via your satellite or cable providers’ streaming service. You can also check out several apps for tablets, smartphones, and other connected devices such as PlayStation 4 and Apple TV. Above all, you can live stream via a web browser.

NFL Game Pass

The NFL Game Pass is quite an easy way of watching any NFL game you’d want online, but it comes at a significant disadvantage- you must wait until the match is complete. But if you still want to follow up on the game live, NFL Game Pass charges an annual fee of $99.99 to allow you to stream on your set-top box and iOS or Android device. In addition to this, Game Pass lets you watch some preseason games, watch extended highlights that go up to 30 minutes, and listen to these games’ local radio broadcasting.

Stream NFL on CBS with CBS All Access (6 to 7 Games)

CBS All Access is another great alternative when it comes to live streaming NFL games. Aside from the CBS shows catalog and some streaming-only programs such as Star Trek, this service allows you to access your local CBS station and directs matchup in your market as they unfold. With CBS all access, you can stream games with an iOS or Android device, gaming consoles, and set-top boxes under limited advertisement ads and other interruptions, all for $6 monthly. If you go for the $10 monthly subscription, the service is commercial-free.

How to watch 6-7 Games Every Sunday on FOX

FOX offers news & highlights of all sporting events, and most popular sports shows that features former experts and athletes. But did you know you can stream 6-7 NFL games every Sunday through FOX, at no extra cost? Fill the details of your cable provider on and enjoy both local and primetime matchups.

Monday Night Football on ESPN

Monday Night Football premiers live on ESPN throughout the whole season. If you have this channel as part of your cable package, you can live-stream for free via the ESPN website. All you need to do is submit your TV provider’s details to log in and catch the live-action. This site is compatible with all devices, from computers and smartphones to game consoles and many more.

How to watch 15 Thursday Night Football on NFL Network

Thursday Night Football is clearly the most complicated part of the scheduled NFL Streaming. Nevertheless, several games are available exclusively on NFL Network. Fox also got the rights to cover these games. Other streaming options include Amazon Prime Video and Twitch. As highlighted above, you’ll need YouTube TV and Fubo TV if you wish to stream via The NFL Network.

How to watch NFL games Via a Mobile app

Both the Yahoo Sports app and NFL App are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Aside from regular-season games, you can catch the Super Bowl and playoffs with it. Both apps are free but will only work with a tablet or smartphone.

Yahoo Sports app

According to the Yahoo Sports App, it will offer full coverage for all ‘primetime and local’ regular-season football for the upcoming season. If you manage to download this app, you will live-stream this games at no additional cost even outside the United States using a VPN, where you’ll have first to adjust your Google Play location.

NFL app

Another way to catch the live streaming of NFL Games of the season 2020-’21 is via the NFL app. The NFL app is the official NFL streaming app, making it the best option for all NFL fans, with both live primetime and local games, fascinating highlights and videos, and match replays.

How to listen on Radio

The NFL season is just about to begin, and while it’s best watching the games, it’s sometimes impracticable. So, if you wish to tune in through Radio, whether over-the-air, streaming, or satellite, the following are some of the best alternatives. Besides, it’s a great option if all you want is to mute the TV, listen and enjoy your preferred broadcaster’s voices.

Westwood One

They provide ‘primetime’ football for their audience, which means Monday Football, Sunday, and Thursday Night games. Westwood One also offers full coverage of all post-season games, i.e., super bowl. In case you need a hand to get a local station, check out the Westwood One Station Finder to listen to the over-the-air version.

Sirius XM

Sirius XM is satellite radio, meaning it usually comes clear, unless otherwise. Every week, their audience gets to select a particular NFL game to listen to out of the three options offered. This radio station broadcasts far and wide- across the US borders.

To sum up, this article explains various ways how one can catch the NFL live-action in detail. Pick the most convenient alternative for you and enjoy these games, as the upcoming NFL season kick starts on 13th September 2020.