Ways to Watch NFL Streaming on iPhone and iPad

An individual needs to have an insight into the websites and channels to use to stream the NFL games live. The iPhone and iPad streaming ensure that you catch live football games without using a cable TV. Streaming using portable devices makes it possible for one to continue with the daily operation and catch the game simultaneously. Sometimes the games may come when you are at work where you cannot access a cable TV thus making iPhone and iPad streaming an excellent option to watch the game. The live games for your favorite teams make it possible for one to follow and enjoy the action at any place. Apple Inc. ensures that iOS is compatible with different applications for customer satisfaction. The following are the ways you can watch live NFL games using iPhone and iPad devices.

How to get a Sunday Ticket

The NFL Sunday ticket is the most reliable way to watch the football games live. The subscription allows an individual to use the iPhone and iPad to stream the live-action for increased viewing in the region. It is essential to enhance game streaming services to increase the number of people willing and able to catch live NFL football. The DirecTV subscription offers the NFL Sunday Ticket which is ideal for watching the different games of your favorite team. The subscription for the ticket is $49.99 with the subscribers able to watch different games using their iPads and iPhones. The DirecTV is the company that offers the NFL Sunday Ticket option which is meant to increase the number of fans streaming the action. The different subscription makes it possible for one to upgrade or downgrade the subscription package.

Can I watch football on my iPhone?

The NFL has come up with an application that permits fans to stream the football games using the Verizon network. It is essential for you to have the NFL application and be a subscriber of the Verizon network to stream the games. The Sunday night, Monday night and Thursday Night can be streamed using the NFL mobile app. The application has increased the number of Verizon subscribers who can watch live games using their iPhones and iPads devices. The NFL mobile application is compatible with all models of iPhones and iPads to enhance the streaming experience for the football fans. Verizon has 130 million subscribers who can stream the game using the NFL mobile.

NBC Sport App

NBC television network has partnered with the NFL to broadcast games to the fans. You are required to have a cable network that supports NBC to sign up for the service. After signing up, you can use the iPhone and iPad to watch the different games available on the market. The television network is dedicated to showing the NFL games to a large number of fans. The application provides a full schedule which makes it easy to track the live games shown by the NBC Sports channel. NBC channel has the rights to broadcast the Sunday Night NFL football games.

Fox Sports Go app

FOX is a sports channel which is dedicated to offering quality NFL football streaming services to the fans. The Fox app provides the fans with the needed details to watch Sunday day games. The Fox Sports Go application is compatible with the iPhone and iPad mobile devices to enhance the NFL live streaming. You are required to sign in using a cable service to make the subscription available on your iPhone and iPad. The cable or satellite subscriptions are essential for the application to be supported by your iPhone or iPad.

Over-the-Air Antenna

The antenna is a low tech solution to stream the NFL football games as it covers a specific local area. The NFL football games are provided for free after purchasing the antennas which cost $30 to $150. The antenna is placed on the rooftop to capture the signals needed for game streaming. It works in a limited area where there is a strong signal. The over the air antenna can capture the signals for the local network which are showing the NFL football games. You are required to consider other options for the games which are not broadcasted by the local channels.


Amazon agreed on a deal with the NFL of $1 billion to stream per season of the Thursday night football games through 2033. The deal is meant to increase the number of clients willing to use Amazon to stream the available games. The prime clients are the only ones considered by Amazon to stream the NFL games. Prime subscribers of Amazon globally can enjoy the live NFL games which increase the number of viewers. The channels used by Amazon to facilitate the Thursday night streaming are NBC, CBS and NFL network.

How much does the Sling TV cost?

Sling TV is one of the best options to stream the NFL football games due to the many sports channels offered by the television. The ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC, and NFL Network are available in their subscription services. There are two subscription packages which are Orange and Blue packages. The Sling Orange package offers Fox, NBC and ESPN channels to stream the NFL football games at a monthly charge of $40. The Sling Blue offers the NFL network at a monthly subscription of $40. You can combine the two packages at $55 for increased coverage of the live NFL football games.

PlayStation Vue

The PlayStation Vue offers on-demand TV streaming for an increased satisfaction to the clients. It is possible to use the iPhone and iPad mobile devices to stream the NFL games. The sports channels available for NFL football streaming are NBC, FOX, ESPN, NFL Network and RedZone. The monthly packages start at $49.99 with the aim of boosting the streaming of the game. It is necessary that you view the available channels in your region as the channel availability varies depending on a region.

NFL Mobile Pass, How Much Does It Cost?

The NFL Game Pass is a reliable service as it streams all the available football matchups at a subscription of $99.99. The game pass makes the fan to access the NFL network to stream the different games in the network. You can catch the action using iPhone and iPad for an improved entertainment level. The demerit of using the Game Pass subscription is watching the game after the final whistle. The live streaming is not allowed to subscribers using the Game Pass unless you have a cable subscription. To catch the NFL football live using Game Pass you are required to use VPN to change the IP address of your iPhone and iPad to a foreign nation such as the UK.

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