How to watch NFL games live stream Without Cable

When you think about watching the 2024 NFL football season, the first thing that will come to your mind is definitely cable. But the truth is that cable is expensive. Not only that but in some situations, you even need to pay more for additional, exclusive cable services that will help you see the NFL. That adds to a lot of money that viewers obviously don’t want to pay at all. So what can you do when something like this happens, how to watch NFL 2024 live stream football game free online?

Streaming is the obvious answer. You can find a lot of websites and apps or solutions that help you live stream without worrying about any challenges or issues that can arise. It’s a lot easier and more convenient than ever before, while also making it easy for you to stream at a quality that’s very impressive. It’s certainly the best of both worlds, offering the convenience you want without any challenges. Cord-cutting is a phenomenon in most of the US, due to the huge cable bills.

That’s why streaming services are so abundant right now, and for a very good reason. They do want to deliver the best value and quality, and all of that comes with an incredible return on investment. That doesn’t mean it will be the simplest thing to do, but the payoff alone will be well worth it if you do it right.

What’s the NFL Sunday Ticket?

If you want to stream the NFL games from them directly, then the Direct TV subscribers have a path to stream them with this NFL Sunday Ticket. The service will stream live games to any device, even consoles. However, the thing to keep in mind is that this applies to the out of market games alone. That being said, you are restricted to the Direct TV service, and that can be a problem for a lot of people. The ticket doesn’t require you to have cable, since it works on a variety of devices.

The problem is that it can get a little expensive, and not everyone is ok with the idea. But if you get past that you will find that it works incredibly well and without that much of a hassle. You do need to take a bit of time to study the market and find other options if possible. If you can’t find any, the NFL Sunday Ticket will work quite well for you since you can stream anywhere you want without that much of a problem.

NFL Game Pass

A good way to stream the NFL games without any worries is the NFL Game Pass. The problem with this one is that you need to wait until the game is over. However, if you can get past that issue, you will find yourself enjoying the experience without a problem and you can focus on growth and amazing results without that much of a problem. We do recommend you to use this system because it’s official from them and it will give you the value and efficiency you would need without that many hassles. It will take some time to get used to how it works and all, but the NFL Game Pass is a good option.

Also, they make it easy to watch any pre-season games here too. You can see condensed versions of the games for 30 minutes if you don’t want to waste time. There are all sorts of clever ideas to come up with and that’s what really makes things so interesting and exciting at the same time. They even added radio broadcasts of games. If you’re on the road or you don’t have a lot of time to spend on watching, then a condensed version or the audio version makes sense. And you still have the real thing you can check later on. That alone can be incredibly interesting.

CBS All Access

We like CBS All Access because it has TV shows, movies as well as the NFL streams ready to go. It costs $6 per month and you can easily stream to just about all kinds of devices. That version is with commercials, it will cost you $10 per month without ads, but if you want to watch the NFL, then it’s totally worth the effort and you will be amazed by the value that you can bring to the table. They do allow you to watch the local CBS station and the matches that air locally. It’s not a whole lot, but it gets the job done and people love it either way. You may want to check it and see how it is, but it will bring in an amazing experience as time goes by.

Amazon Prime Video Channels

Not a lot of people know this, but Amazon streams NFL games, so if you are into that, you may want to check it out. They did acquire the contract for the Thursday night football broadcast. There is some exclusivity with the NFL, but if you have Amazon Prime it does make sense to at least give it a try. A lot of people like this idea and it can bring in some creative options for you to explore. It’s still a good option to consider if you are passionate about the NFL and you want a seamless, powerful, and dependable way to watch without being rushed or anything like that.

Sling TV

Sling TV is delivering a good bang for your buck. You have a dedicated option for the NFL Network, ESPN, and the RedZone channel. There are 2 packages, Orange and Blue. With Orange, you can view the Monday night games on ESPN and it will cost you $40 per month. You are however restricted to a single device at a time.

Sling Blue on the other hand will give you access to the NFL and the ability to stream on multiple devices. That being said, you don’t have ESPN access. You can get the Sports Extra package and it will cost you $10 per month. This way you know that you have access to the NFL RedZone. If you are an NFL fan or sports fan in general, then you must go for the $60 package because it has both Orange and Blue features and then you can add the $10 extra for the RedZone.

Some people might go for the Cloud DVR, the problem here is that it won’t work for the ESPN networks. Granted, this is a costly option for streaming, but if you want to cut the cord and still watch any game on any device you want, this works quite nicely. That being said, you can drop the $55 package after the season and buy again for the next season. That’s really well and it still brings in front a very good experience. Is it worth it for you? That depends on what you are looking for, but overall you will find it ok to use Sling TV since their quality is great and overall you feel a good value for money.

Locast is great because it allows you to watch content quickly and without any problem. You choose your local area or it’s selected automatically, and you can view live content in no time. The trick here is that it’s available only in a few select areas in the country. But if you get past that with a VPN, you can watch local content without a problem and it can be incredibly fun. Being able to see local area content is exciting, and the fact that you can watch NFL games without complication makes this even better. It will take a little bit of time to find how everything works, but for the most part, it’s a seamless service and a great website.

The content itself is very impressive, to be honest, and the quality and attention to detail are among some of the best. A lot of people appreciate this because it’s a free service, and it does work with a VPN too. So even if you’re outside the country, if you use a VPN you can still see your local area content.

Granted, it does have caveats too. If you don’t use a VPN, you are limited to certain locations. Not only that, but you will end up with a lower quality stream sometimes if everything is super booked and doesn’t work the way you want. Adaptability is key for this, and if you manage it adequately, nothing can stand in your way. It’s actually a pretty good option to consider, and the fact that you can watch from anywhere is always a plus. The NFL matchups can be seen without issues, especially if you live in that local area or use a VPN.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu does have a live TV option where you can watch just about any type of content without worries. They have 65 channels, they cover all NFL games, and you will be able to pay $69.99 per month for all access. That being said, it could be a little better, but for the most part, you are getting tremendous value for the money if you want this for your entire family.

The streaming service works seamlessly as far as we can see, and the best part about it is definitely the huge selection of features and just how many options you can pick here. It’s totally worth the effort, and you will appreciate the way everything comes together. They do have a trial version for a week that you can check out and see how it works. It’s also working on multiple devices, making it easy to just stream anything you want on the go without any problem. It makes cord-cutting easier, and you can watch the NFL content you want without that much of a hassle.

Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ bundle

This bundle costs $12.99 per month and it has a huge amount of content for the money. That being said, you can stream the NFL game without a problem this way and you will find the overall return on investment to be downright spectacular. The service itself is nice, easy to use and you will be able to adapt it to your own requirements without a problem. Just consider giving it a try for yourself and you will find it a pleasure to use.

Maybe the best thing about the bundle is that it offers more than football. The price is pretty impressive considering how much content you are getting. It’s an incredible value for money, and you will appreciate the way everything comes together here. There are other services you can use to watch the NFL streams, but this package offers a lower monthly price than most of them. Unless you want to VPN your way to other services, it will be a good option.


Fubo is great because it has pretty much any kind of channel you need to watch TV quickly and without a problem. It has everything you want for watching the NFL games, and it costs $79.99. Yes, it might be a little on the pricey side, but if you use this service you will find it a pleasure to use and it’s fully adaptable to your requirements. It’s worth the effort, you just need to check it out for yourself and the payoff alone can be great every time.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports has Android and iOS apps that will help you stream any NFL game in your local area for free, including the Monday and Thursday football. This is great because you can easily use the NFL game pass and stream within the app. It looks great, the streaming speeds are pretty impressive and you don’t have to worry about overspending. It’s a free service unless you want to pay for the game pass and watch everything on it.

PlayStation Vue

Even PlayStation has its own way to help you watch the matchups if that’s what you want. The $50 package is good, although you can add a few more dollars for the Core package that adds ESPN, NFL Network, and so on. If you want to include NFL Red Zone, ESPN Goal Line, and Fox Sports, that will cost you $10 more every month. The quality is great, and you can stream to other devices you won too. It’s a pretty clever idea for what it is, and overall it’s definitely delivering a tremendous quality for the money. Granted, it’s not the least expensive option there, but if you have the PlayStation unit as a media center already, then it’s totally worth the effort.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is also a player in this field. That being said, the challenge with YouTube TV is that they increased prices, so it’s $72.99 per month. It does have the major broadcast networks and the sports networks Fox and ESPN. There’s no NFL network here which is a shame. They do however offer support to check out games on a vast range of devices. For some reason, there’s no Fire TV support, so that may be something that you want to take into consideration. This doesn’t include a YouTube Premium subscription however, a lot of people are confused, but you will have to pay separately for that, which is not exactly the best thing.

Frontier TV

Frontier TV does provide you all kinds of live TV and on-demand content and it’s not that expensive. They do have the much-wanted NFL games on stream too, which means you can get a pretty good deal if you want to watch this type of content as fast as possible. It will be a very good idea to check it out especially if you want to watch stuff on the go. You will notice that the streaming quality is very good too.

Since this is optimized for mobile, the experience itself is way better than many other options you will find out there. It does make a lot of sense to at least check it out and see how it works, then you can adapt it accordingly. It’s a tremendous opportunity and one that you do not want to miss if you love watching content on mobile, especially NFL games.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is a dedicated streaming service and it will allow you to watch all kinds of games without a problem. It’s definitely worth using it especially if you want to access live TV without that much of a problem. That being said, it doesn’t always have the best image quality, which is something you always need to take into consideration. Yet if you get past all of that, it’s actually a pretty good service with lots of features and a great way to access the content you want. They also have replays, highlights, and a variety of other extras for you to see. All in all, it’s a clever solution that everyone will cherish!


You can also watch the NFL via Roku if you want. It will obviously cost you, but then again it will offer a pretty seamless and unique way to access the content you want. It’s totally worth the effort, especially considering how hard it can be to enjoy content when you’re not always at home. Many cord-cutters use this service anyway, and that’s why you may want to test it out and see it for yourself. It’s pretty impressive for what it delivers, and the value itself will be among some of the best every time.

Fetch TV

Fetch TV aims to bring entertainment in your space, and it also has support for the amazing NFL matchups too. It will cost you $6 per month to see that, but then again it’s an option that everyone will like since it has all kinds of cool things for you to explore. The truth is that such an option is not as popular because it’s newer. Yet it managed to gain a lot of popularity in recent years for offering support for these NFL games without requiring you to pay a lot of money. That’s what most people want anyway, and this gets the job done in a nice way without that much of a hassle. You rarely get so much value for money, so might as well check it out!

Kayo Sports

If you are ok with using an Australian provider and a VPN to reach them, then you will be able to watch the NFL and many others with the Kayo Sports feature. They cost $25 per month or up to $35 if you want more channels. Honestly, this sounds like a great addition because it gets the job done nicely, it’s professional and people enjoy using it since it’s so efficient and high quality. That being said, this is one of the solutions when using a VPN does make a lot of sense and you should totally check it out.


beIN SPORTS costs you 14 euros per month, it’s from Qatar, but it actually offers NFL support. It’s a pretty impressive channel with a plethora of cool features and it’s pretty good for what it can deliver here. You also have the local European sports channels and exclusive content, so overall you are getting quite the deal for this kind of stuff.

If you want to watch the NFL Live Streams online, there’s quite a lot of content to be had if you pick the right network or solution for you. One thing is certain, even if you’re a cord-cutter, you can still stream NFL football. And even if you can’t be in your local area to watch the match you want, you can still use a VPN. Results can be great, you just have to make the right pick and enjoy the desired matches fast and easy. Rest assured that these are all incredible, easy-to-use platforms, so it’s all a matter of budget and convenience in the end!