Some facts you need to know more about the NFL

The NFL has thirty-two equally distributed teams between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). Overall the National Football League is the best in North America. It has a regular season of 18 weeks which runs from early September to late December. Each NFL team has to play 17 games. After the regular season has come to a stop, then six sides from every conference proceed on to the playoffs. Subsequently, the playoffs culminate in the Super Bowl which is held on the first Sunday of February and comprises of the winners of the NFC and AFC.


The football league came into being in the year 1920 as the (American Professional Football Association) and later the APFA changed the name to the NFL in 1922. Later on, in 1966, they agreed to merge with the American Football League which resulted in the birth of the first Super Bowl. Currently, the NFL boasts of being the most attended sports event having an average of about 67,591. Super Bowl on itself accounts for being the most-watched sporting event throughout the United States. In the history of the NFL, the team to scoop the most trophies was the Green Bay Packers with nine titles before the Super Bowl, and four after Super Bowl was born making a total of thirteen. With Pittsburgh Steelers taking the day with the most Super Bowl championships which totaled six.


The league consists of thirty-two units divided into two conferences. Every conference is made up of four groups of four clubs each. During the regular season period, each squad is allowed to have a maximum of 53 players 46 of whom will participate actively. For the unit to operate in its city, they are granted a franchise which acts as the league’s authorization. This franchise covers the team’s territory and its marketing area. Every team has exclusive rights that allow them to promote, advertise and hold events within its domain. However, there are several exceptions to this rule especially for squads close to each other or those that play in the same state.

Every squad is based in the US although the Jacksonville Jaguars play in Wembley Stadium as part of the international series. Mexico has also hosted some games like the one between San Francisco and Arizona Cardinals. Apart from this, they have also hosted some pre-season games which include 39 pre-season games as part of the American Bowl series. As per Forbes magazine, the Dallas Cowboys are considered to be the most valuable franchise valued at approximately US$4.8 billion which sets them as the most expensive sports squad in the whole world. Something to take note in is that all the thirty-two teams in this league are considered among the top 50 most valued top units globally.

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Season format

The season kicks off with a four-week pre-season, a seventeen-week regular season in which each squad plays 16 games and a twelve-group elimination playoff that leads to the Super Bowl.


It all begins with the pre-season which kicks off with the pro football hall of fame game typically played in the Fawcett Stadium in Canton. Every side is expected to plan four pre-season games 2 of which should be played at their respective stadium. Nonetheless, the groups that participate in the hall of fame gameplay a total of five pre-season games. These games are never given too much consideration as they don’t add to the total standings in the regular season. Players use this opportunity to showcase their talents to both their respective sides and others just in case they get cut.

Regular season

Presently, each opponent for every side is predetermined by a set formula. They have to play 256 games that run in Eighteen weeks. Usually, the season has always begun on the first Monday of September till the week after Christmas. Often, the first game is generally played between the defending champions and the home team. League games are mostly held on Sundays as federal law prohibits professional football from competing against high school or college football.

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Following the close of the regular season, a twelve-team single-elimination tournament then commences which is also described as the NFL playoffs. Winners from each of the four groups are selected as well as two other squads with the best overall record. Afterward, the playoffs are held. Six squads are selected from every conference and the winner of each of the four groups as well as two remaining teams with the best overall record. Typically the first two squads are awarded a bye week after which the rest of the remaining crews proceed to the first round of the playoffs. Winners then go on to the divisional round after which the champs then compete in the conference championships. To be able to get the league winners the AFC and NFC then compete in the Super Bowl to establish the league champion. Pro Bowl is the only postseason event hosted by the NFL which is the League’s all-star game. Pro Bowls are not considered as a competitive game as the squad is all out to prevent injuries.

Team trophies

To honor its champions, the league uses three different cups. Brunswick-Balke Collender whose appearance is a “silver loving cup”, that was meant to be a traveling cup and would only become permanent unless a squad won at least three titles. It has been awarded to the Akron Pros after which it was discontinued. Later on, in 1934, the Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy was launched after the death of Ed Thorp, a referee, and close friends to the owners. Its location is currently not known. Presently, the league uses the Vince Lombardi Trophy named after the Green Bay Packers head coach.

So there you go to the world’s most famous sporting event. To most, it is a business venture which not only offers world-class entertainment but has also been a source of making some money. Please make a point of watching a live game anytime soon; you will not be disappointed.

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