When is the Super bowl 2020, what time does it kickoff, Halftime show, TV

When is the Super Bowl 2020?

The Super Bowl Game is the NFL championship final game held annually in a different location each year.  The 2020 championship bowl game will take place on Sunday, February 2, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The showdown will be broadcast on Fox network, during prime time television.

What time is the Super Bowl 2020 start?

The Super bowl game 2020 always officially starts at 7:30 PM ET and television broadcast starts at 6:30 PM ET.

Who is playing in the game?

You know that Super Bowl game is the American football league championship game for only between teams. They come from the winner of the AFC conference and the champion of the NFC conference. This season Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers is playing to the Super Bowl LIV on Feb. 02 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Through the course of 2019, the league has been celebrating its 100th season with various projects and accounts of important moments in the league’s history. Since it’s set to be the final game in such an important season of football, there’s added motivation for all teams. After a century of football, only one team from the champion of AFC and NFC will be able to prove dominance over every other team in the league.

But apart from the momentous history of the moment, the 2020 edition isn’t that different from others in the modern era of the sport.

Here’s how to watch Super bowl game live stream free online form below;

The game named: Super Bowl 54

Who: 49ers vs Chiefs

Stadium location: Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida
Start time: 6:30 PM ET/9:30 PM PT
When: Sunday, February 02, 2020

Half-time show: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira

TV channel: FOX

Live stream: FoxSports.com

What is it?

As with the previous editions, Super Bowl LIV will feature a match-up between the most winning team from the NFC and the AFC. Both teams will have completed all brackets in their division by winning against every other team.

The Super Bowl winner is awarded by the Vince Lombardi Trophy, as well as own team’s specially designed rings to commemorate the moment with MVP (Most valuable player of the year) who will be honored for their contribution to the team’s success which is also known as the best player of the year.

Where will the Super Bowl Take Place?

After putting it to vote with the owners in the league, the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, was chosen to host the game. The Hard Rock Stadium has hosted the Super Bowl six times in the past years of age now which is the home of the Miami Dolphins. Originally, Los Angeles was supposed to be in contention to host the games, however, the city decided to waive that privilege. Construction delays on SoFi stadium have caused them to move up their potential hosting turn to Super Bowl LIV.

Who will Perform at Half-Time show?

The Super Bowl halftime is always an important entertainment part of any Super Bowl. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez already announced and also scheduled to perform at the Super Bowl 2020 half-time show. In addition to entertaining the NFL fans while they wait for the teams to take a break, it’s a way to draw in viewers who may not otherwise watch the game.

With recent half-time shows, there have been complicated and controversial situations surrounding the performances and the performer themselves. Additionally, this is an important year in the history of the NFL, so expectations for the show are high.

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