Ravens and Raiders are out from the latest NFL playoffs race 2020-21

The Pittsburgh Steelers 11-0 are the only undefeated team in the league so far clinched as a No. 1 playoff seed and the first-round bye in the 2020-21 NFL season. The defending champion Kansas City Chiefs 10-1 are behind them. Falcons cursed the Raiders through the out from the playoff list. Ravens are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Orleans Saints 9-2 are leading the NFC playoffs race. Seahawks, Packers have also enough chances to get the 1st round bye. Here nflplayoff.net has rounded everything you need to know, the latest NFL playoff scenarios, standing, and projected matchups if the NFL postseason started today after NFL Week 12.

AFC Playoff Picture

AFC North Champion: 1st round bye Pittsburgh Steelers: 11-0
AFC West Champion: Kansas City Chiefs: 10-1
AFC South Champion: Tennessee Titans: 8-3
AFC East Champion: Buffalo Bills: 8-3
Wild Card 1: Cleveland Browns: 8-3
Wild Card 2: Miami Dolphins: 7-4
Wild Card 1: Indianapolis Colts: 7-4

Out of AFC playoffs race

Las Vegas Raiders: 6-5
Baltimore Ravens: 6-5
New England Patriots: 5-6
Denver Broncos: 4-7
Houston Texans: 4-7

NFC Playoffs 2021 race

NFC South Champion: 1st round bye New Orleans Saints: 9-2
NFC West Champion: Seattle Seahawks: 8-3
NFC North Champion: Green Bay Packers: 8-3
NFC East Champion: New York Giants: 4-7
Wild Card 1: Los Angeles Rams: 7-4
Wild Card 2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 7-5
Wild Card 3: Arizona Cardinals: 6-5

Out of NFC playoffs race

Minnesota Vikings: 5-6
Chicago Bears: 5-6
San Francisco 49ers: 5-6
Detroit Lions: 4-7
Washington: 4-7
Atlanta Falcons: 4-7
Carolina Panthers: 4-8
Philadelphia Eagles: 3-7-1
Dallas Cowboys: 3-8

NFL postseason projected matchups and bracket


Home field clinched: No. 1 Pittsburgh Steelers
No. 4 Buffalo Bills vs No. 5 Cleveland Browns
No. 3 Tennessee Titans vs No. 6 Miami Dolphins
No. 2 Kansas City Chiefs vs No. 7 Indianapolis Colts


Home field clinched: No 1 New Orleans Saints
No. 4 New York Giants vs No. 5 Los Angeles Rams
No. 3 Green Bay Packers vs No. 6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
No. 2 Seattle Seahawks vs No. 7 Arizona Cardinals

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