Atlanta Falcons vs Los Angeles Rams Results

The Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Rams’ all-time regular season and playoff records in National Football League history. Here we have listed how many head-to-head fights they have, win, lose, tie, and postponed records with points and more you need to know.

What is Falcons vs Rams record?

Both teams have played each other 81 times so far, where the Rams win 49 games and the Falcons win 30 games, 2 of them are tied.

Los Angeles Rams leading the all-time series 49-30-2

09/18/2022Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams27-31 (Rams)
10/20/2019Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons37-10 (Rams)
01/06/2018Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams26-13 (Falcons)
12/11/2016Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams42-14 (Falcons)
09/15/2013St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons24-31 (Falcons)
11/21/2010Atlanta Falcons @ St. Louis Rams34-17 (Falcons)
12/28/2008St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons27-31 (Falcons)
12/02/2007Atlanta Falcons @ St. Louis Rams16-28 (Rams)
01/15/2005St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons17-47 (Falcons)
09/19/2004St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons17-34 (Falcons)
10/13/2003Atlanta Falcons @ St. Louis Rams0-36 (Rams)
01/06/2002Atlanta Falcons @ St. Louis Rams13-31 (Rams)
12/02/2001St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons35-6 (Rams)
10/15/2000Atlanta Falcons @ St. Louis Rams29-45 (Rams)
09/24/2000St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons41-20 (Rams)
10/17/1999St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons41-13 (Rams)
09/26/1999Atlanta Falcons @ St. Louis Rams7-35 (Rams)
11/29/1998Atlanta Falcons @ St. Louis Rams21-10 (Falcons)
11/01/1998St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons15-37 (Falcons)
11/16/1997Atlanta Falcons @ St. Louis Rams27-21 (Falcons)
11/2/1997St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons31-34 (Falcons)
12/15/1996St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons34-27 (Rams)
11/10/1996Atlanta Falcons @ St. Louis Rams16-59 (Rams)
11/19/1995St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons6-31 (Falcons)
10/12/1995Atlanta Falcons @ St. Louis Rams19-21 (Rams)
10/02/1994Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams8-5 (Falcons)
09/11/1994Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons13-31 (Falcons)
11/14/1993Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams13-0 (Falcons)
10/14/1993Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons24-30 (Falcons)
12/27/1992Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams27-38 (Rams)
11/01/1992Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons28-30 (Falcons)
12/08/1991Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams31-14 (Falcons)
10/27/1991Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons14-31 (Falcons)
12/23/1990Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons13-20 (Falcons)
10/21/1990Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams24-44 (Rams)
10/08/1989Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams14-26 (Rams)
09/10/1989Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons31-21 (Rams)
12/11/1988Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams7-22 (Rams)
10/09/1988Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons33-0 (Rams)
12/13/1987Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams0-33 (Rams)
10/18/1987Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons20-24 (Falcons)
10/26/1986Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams7-14 (Rams)
10/12/1986Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons14-26 (Falcons)
11/17/1985Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons14-30 (Falcons)
09/29/1985Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams6-17 (Rams)
10/22/1984Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons24-10 (Rams)
10/07/1984Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams30-28 (Falcons)
11/14/1983Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons36-13 (Rams)
10/16/1983Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams21-27 (Rams)
11/21/1982Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons17-34 (Falcons)
12/14/1981Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams16-21 (Rams)
10/11/1981Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons37-35 (Rams)
12/21/1980Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams17-20 (Rams)
10/26/1980Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons10-13 (Falcons)
12/09/1979Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons34-13 (Rams)
11/19/1979Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams14-20 (Rams)
10/30/1978Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons7-15 (Falcons)
09/10/1978Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams0-10 (Rams)
12/11/1977Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams7-23 (Rams)
09/18/1977Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons6-17 (Falcons)
12/04/1976Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams0-59 (Rams)
09/12/1976Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons30-14 (Rams)
11/16/1975Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons16-7 (Rams)
10/19/1975Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams7-22 (Rams)
12/01/1974Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons30-7 (Rams)
11/10/1974Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams0-21 (Rams)
11/04/1973Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons13-15 (Falcons)
09/23/1973Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams0-31 (Rams)
11/05/1972Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams7-20 (Rams)
10/01/1972Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons3-31 (Falcons)
10/17/1971Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons24-16 (Rams)
09/26/1971Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams20-20 (Tie)
11/22/1970Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons17-7 (Rams)
11/08/1970Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams10-10 (Tie)
11/02/1969Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons38-6 (Rams)
09/28/1969Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams7-17 (Rams)
11/10/1968Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons17-10 (Rams)
10/20/1968Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams14-27 (Rams)
12/03/1967Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams3-20 (Rams)
11/19/1967Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons31-3 (Rams)
09/11/1966Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons19-14 (Rams)

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